• Tired of rigid non-flexible tours that leave you feeling guided and controlled?
  • Would you rather have the freedom and choice to create your own tour itenerary?
  • Are you ready to experience adventure in true Hawaiian style?

Check out our full list of tours on the menu to your right, including: beach tours, sacred sites tours , fine arts tours , and more!

Or get 20 percent off any metered cab fare when you BOOK YOUR TAXI ONLINE!!!

Why roll with a large tour bus when you can have a personal chauffer? We'll take you where you want to go in style, and you're in charge of your tour time. If you don't like one of the destinations its no problem. Want to stop and have dinner? No problem. Do we have time to stop and check something out on the way? Sure, no problem. Its your tour time, you decide how to use it.

Our licensed chauffers will take you anywhere you want to go, and they can do it for far cheaper than a regular taxi. Our service is designed for groups of 1-6 people. For more people please check with a tour company that specializes in larger buses. Our goal is to help you avoid the bus, and all the related hassles, but still help you save money!

Coming in on a cruise? We can even pick you up from your cruise ship and help you tour Honolulu and Oahu in style! Don't get stuck with one of those higher priced cruise ship orchestrated tours! After you book your tour online we will email you with specific instructions.

Simply the Best Way to see Tours in Oahu:

The first step is to pick a tour type, using the menu to your right. The tour type gives you a list of possible destinations. You choose the destinations you'd like to see, and your driver will take you to see as many of them as time allows. You have the freedom to change your mind, and change your plans, at any time during the tour. We provide the most customized tour experience possible. The number of destinations you can see is limited only by the time allotted in your tour.

"Yes, I can totally recommend ToursInHonolulu.com for your vacation and travel needs. Their driver was courteous and really went out of his way to help us feel comfortable during our unforgettable vacation in Hawaii. So glad we didn't get stuck on a tour bus, I really appreciated being able to set my own pace."

Bill Martinson (San Luis Obispo, CA)



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